2021 was the year of creating a “new normal,” and, for Westminster, that took shape in the form of emerging through the pandemic with resilience and a renewed craving 为连接. 我们的社区充满了能量和兴奋 和我们在一起,在校园里面对面. 在我们准备迎接新年之际, we 反映 在和 庆祝又一个充满挑战的一年, 成功, 新传统.


two female 学生 in cap and gown posing in front of Griffin wings in the commons


In May, Westminster held the 2021 毕业典礼 ceremonies on campus on Dumke Field. 这是十多年来第一次在校园举行毕业典礼. 家人和毕业生齐聚一堂 在球场上,庆祝成就,分享在一起的快乐. 的 2021届毕业生 made remarkable achievements despite COVID-19 drastically changing their 学生的经验.



Brendan Sudberry在毕业典礼上的演讲

在毕业典礼上,学生会主席Brendan Sudberry(22届) 欢迎2025届毕业生来到巴黎人官方下载社区 and gave the reminder that we are here together to celebrate accomplishments, pick 当我们跌倒时彼此扶持,并致力于彼此的成功. 

我们最新的格里芬代表了15个国家和32个州. 百分之二十五 这个班被荣誉学院录取. 19%是第一代学生 他们是家里第一个上大学的. 所有学生都准备充分利用这一优势 巴黎人官方下载提供的机会和资源. 




We already know that Westminster is remarkable, but it's great to receive acknowledgment 感谢我们优秀的校园社区成员和倡议. 2021年,巴黎人官方下载 gained its first Truman Scholar, the Ethics Bowl Team took first at regionals, 校友们的影响遍及全球.

西部最好的大学 (普林斯顿评论,2022年)

西部最佳地区大学 (U.S. 新闻与世界报道,2022年)

最佳价值学校(本科) (U.S. 新闻与世界报道,2022年)

最佳本科教学 (U.S. 新闻与世界报道,2022年)



After 2020 brought the groundbreaking cancellation of all Fall NCAA Division II Championships, Westminster 体育运动 welcomed back competition amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with full conference-only schedules for each of its NCAA sports during the Spring 2021 学期.

  • Women’s Basketball Coach Shelley Jarrard finished her final season as head coach by leading the team through a string of NCAA Championship success and the Griffins’ first-ever 前往NCAA第二赛区西部决赛.
  • Men’s Lacrosse successfully defended its Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) 女子高尔夫获得了2021年RMAC锦标赛团体冠军.
  • Head coach Denise Larson was named RMAC Coach of the Year as the Women’s Golf 程序 在NCAA DII西部地区锦标赛首次亮相.
  • In Outdoor Track and Field, Aiden Urban made the first NCAA Division II Championship 他在800米项目中获得了第10名.
  • In Women’s Cross Country, Saydi Anderson became the 程序’s first-ever qualifier 参加全国大学生体育协会女子越野锦标赛.
  • Westminster Women’s Soccer followed its first-ever trip to the RMAC Tournament final 2021年春天,他们将第二次前往NCAA中南部地区 那年秋天.

巴黎人官方下载@ 150


巴黎人官方下载正在展望2025年,届时学院将有150年的历史. 工作 groups across campus made incredible progress on developing a strategic plan called 巴黎人官方下载150. 该学院现在正在为巴黎人官方下载将如何处理其 周年.





2021年,巴黎人官方下载's Office of 多样性、公平和包容 continued educating 通过参与讲座和伙伴关系建立校园社区. 办公室被选定 as Mark Miller Subaru’s inaugural Diversity Pillar partner for the Subaru Love Promise 程序. 它也是犹他州唯一一家入选的私立机构 in the American Association of Colleges and Universities 2021 Institute on Truth, 种族愈合 & 转型(TRHT)校园中心,一个为期四天的虚拟学习体验 to identify evidence-based strategies that support their stated vision of what their communities will look, feel, be like when the belief in the hierarchy of human 价值不再存在. 该办公室还通过马丁与社区进行接触 小路德·金. 纪念活动,巴斯蒂安基金会多元化系列讲座,以及 盐湖城商会的犹他州商业多样性峰会.

Westminster completed its first-ever campus climate survey in 2021—asking 学生, 教职员工分享他们的生活经历、希望和问题. 结果 will be available in 2022 and used to better understand the extent to which our campus climate supports diversity and equity, which will help campus leadership make data-driven 改善与多样性有关的政策和做法.


Nearly 350 学生 completed the 2021 健康心理网络研究, part of the college’s 与史蒂夫基金的校园心理健康平等倡议合作. 这 annual survey analyzes mental health and related issues among undergraduate and graduate 学生. 后续的听力课程是对一部分学生进行的 彩色补充定量数据.

的 Office of 多样性、公平和包容 developed a 7-point strategy as a starting point to actualize the rhetoric of Westminster’s Diversity Statement to move conversations 并在反种族主义、平等的基础上采取行动. 很多策略 已经开始了. 该办公室支持 文化史档案研究项目—an exhibit on how Utah colleges and universities, including Westminster, grapple 他们过去(和现在)的种族主义形象是为了促进 社会正义. 该办公室还成立了多元化、公平、 及共融事务常务委员会.



With proper safety precautions in place, the Griffin family could finally learn and 2021年共同建设社区. 巴黎人官方下载也致力于成为一个完全 为校园接种COVID-19疫苗. 有了药监局批准的疫苗,免疫 成为需要. 我们的社区通过履行这一承诺来表达对他人的关心. 在校园社区中,94%的人接种了COVID-19疫苗. 




的 epic road-trip class hit the pavement for a 学期-long journey across the West. Eighteen people piled into a van and learned how to co-exist after over a year of 隔离. 他们直接从景观、生态系统和生活在这里的人们那里学习, 在美国西部工作和学习.

校友 Relations threw a big ‘ole party where we were able to revisit and dance together. 巴黎人官方下载标志性的团聚活动取得了巨大成功! 作为校友,门票已经售罄, professors, current 学生 reconnected over tailgates, dinner, dancing in 丰富的共享.

这 year's 巴黎人官方下载胸怀大志 discussed topics ranging from environmental leadership and the model minority myth to living according to your values, solving a mysterious 有会计学位的医生,还有大盐湖.


In March, community members and friends of Westminster came together on One Westminster Day to raise $230,568 across 1,291 donations (exceeding the college-wide goal), funding 11个项目支持奖学金、食品公正、编程等.


总统 Dobkin broke with stereotypes to connect with 学生, staff, faculty 超出了大学校长的范围. 秋季学期的每周三, 她早上7点起床.m. 周期类. 她告诉 高等教育内幕“我们的学生告诉我们,巴黎人官方下载教育的特点是 like breaking down stereotypes and getting out of your comfort zone, I thought, 这是一个很好的建模方法."

巴黎人官方下载将在2021年结束,在我们的心中和校园里焕发出新的光芒. 总统 Dobkin led a lighting ceremony of Converse Hall in early November, sparking a new 传统象征着学习的喜悦和 之光.

Westminster College’s newest academic facility is nearing completion on the north 校园尽头. 佛罗伦萨J. 吉尔莫尔大厅,位于福斯特大厅和梅尔德拉姆对面 Science Center, is a 26,000 square foot expansion of the Jewett Center for the Performing 艺术. 吉尔莫尔大厅将使巴黎人官方下载更好地为其表演和视觉服务 arts 学生 through state-of-the-art classroom, rehearsal, performance, display 空间. 该建筑将包括一个有93个座位的演奏厅,一个服装工作室和一个艺术中心 扩展场景店. Gillmor Hall的建设预计将在春季完工 2022年,预计将在秋季盛大开幕.