L. 鲁本·米切尔,校园网络Reuben Mitchell, our campus ombuds, is available to work with all staff and faculty. He is based in California and will respond to inquiries within 48 hours. 你可以伸手 鲁本在 ombuds@westminsteru.edu 安排个别咨询.

Reuben has more than 40 years of experience providing leadership and organizational development to private liberal arts colleges, major research universities, government agencies, K–12 schools, law enforcement agencies, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. He currently serves as the ombuds at Scripps Research Institute, where he has also served as the director of employee development, leading the training, recruitment, 记录、员工关系等功能. 鲁本负责流程改进 efforts, coached managers and supervisors for improved accountability, and assisted in the resolution of performance-related issues.



  • 听着,也许这就是我所需要的
  • Discuss your concerns and help clarify the most important issues
  • Gather information, explain policies, and offer referrals to other resources
  • 帮助你识别和评估选择
  • Serve as a neutral party to solve problems, resolve conflict, and work to achieve 公平的结果
  • Offer coaching to help you prepare for difficult conversations
  • Communicate with university officials about broad issues and trends
  • 提供其他资源的推荐


  • 替任何人做决定
  • 提供法律建议
  • 提供心理咨询
  • Participate in grievance procedures or any other formal process
  • Testify in any judicial or administrative proceeding, unless required by law after reasonable efforts have been made to protect confidentiality
  • Serve as a place to put the university on notice of claims
  • Serve as an advocate for any individual or entity


  • 人际交往困难
  • Confidential questions on issues of potential discrimination and harassment
  • 纪律的行为
  • 晋升及评估
  • 威胁和报复
  • 解决问题的正式流程
  • 解决复杂的情况
  • 沟通问题